The name may tell it simplest! Bliss Cafe is a cafe for conscious healthy eating; energizing food and fully satisfying! Isn’t it blissful!

Our welcoming and healing space is a platform for uplifting and vitalizing experience! Food full of life enhances your life force and uplifts your spirit.

Bliss Cafe is the product of our longing to share healthy and happy living with all.

We endeavored to set up our place in the most cozy way with natural appearance and happy blending of colors and designs as surrounding surely affects mood magnificently.

With the regular meditation that we do in the cafe meditation room and with the chanting and mantras playing that we have while preparing the food we intend to vibrate our dishes with maximum positive vibes and share it with others.

In such a serene and blissful atmosphere we serve fresh smoothies, salads, soups, desserts and wide variety of raw food dishes that is fresh and unique. There is also a big selection of herbal teas, coffee, matte and Kombucha.

Our ingredients are all ecologist and fresh!

We are looking forward to welcome you with smile in our blissful cafe!