Organic Raw Food Cafe

Enjoy optimal health and increase your vital force by eating the most healthy and natural food that is full of life with all nutrients and enzymes as they come from nature before destroying any of them by the heat of cooking!

A rich menu of organic raw food including fresh smoothies, salads, pasta, bread, rice, pies, cookies, crackers, snack pars, ice cream and many other special and fancy dishes is waiting for you!

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Yoga & Meditation Room

Join our yoga and meditation courses and drop in classes in our yoga and meditation cozy room!

Humans are not a mere body, or a mere body and mind, but a body, mind and soul. Therefore an integrated approach for developing the body, mind and soul is required to ensure our healthy growth and well-being.

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Vegetarian Cooking Courses

Learn how to cook easy and simple recipes and  enjoy very delicious vegetarian food!

The best way to learn vegetarian cooking is simply by cooking together and getting the taste of each  dish. Cooking can become easy, fast and much fun!!

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Homeopathy Clinic 

Get consultation and treatment in homeopathy for your general health or for any particular health problem that you suffer from!

Homeopathy is safe and natural medicine which can cure diseases from their  roots rather than only removing the symptoms of the disease masking them while the root is still there hidden and yet to be manifested in one way or another.

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Homeopathy Courses

Learn how how to heal yourself and your close friends naturally and effectively using homeopathic remedies!

In these courses you will learn how to treat illnesses such as colds, fevers, diarrhea, vomiting, cough, back pain, sore throat, arthritis, headaches, childhood diseases, fear, anxiety, grief, depression, as well as wounds, cuts, strains, burns, stings, bites and much more.

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