Raw Vegan Cafe

Improve your health and increase your vitality by eating healthy and natural food that is full of life with all nutrients and enzymes as they come from nature before they are destroyed by heat!

A rich menu of raw vegan food with meals, fresh smoothies, snacks, desserts, tea and coffee !

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Yoga & Meditation 

Join our yoga and meditation courses and drop in classes in our yoga and meditation cozy room!

We are not a mere body, or a mere body and mind, but we are a soul and we have physical, mental and spiritual existence. Therefore an integrated approach for developing the body, mind and soul is required to ensure our healthy growth and well-being.

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Raw Vegan (un)Cooking Courses

Learn how to prepare the food that we prepare and share it with your beloved ones.

All our delicious recipes are unique in their combined flavors and yet are simple and easy to prepare. Join our courses and learn the secrets directly from our food wizard 🙂

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Homeopathy Clinic 

At our homeopathy clinic we offer consultation by a certified homeopath for your general healthy well being or for a particular health disturbance that you might suffer from.

Homeopathy is a natural and safe system of medicine with integrated and holistic apporach for treating physical and mental diseases in the most natural and effective ways using natural and non-toxic remedies for restoring balance into the immune system and allowing self-healing.

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Whether you are an event organizer and looking for a raw vegan cafe at your event or you are looking for a raw vegan cuisine for your dinner evening or party or looking for premises to host your party and provide healthy food we will be happy to assist you in your quest through our catering.

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