About us

Open Tuesday-Saturday 12.00-18.00

Shantimaya Sami Jammoul

Bliss Cafe is more than an ordinary cafe, it is a compound premises representing a refined concept of healthy living through food for body, mind and soul. As much as we need healthy food for our body and so we serve raw vegan food we also need food for our mind and soul and so we sat a yoga and meditation room where we hold regular classes. Integrating this with natural and holistic system of medicine we offer homeopathy treatment through our homeopathy clinic at the cafe premises.

At Bliss Cafe we try to get it all in one; food, yoga, meditation, natural medicine, learning and growing.

We are two best friends who share same enthusiasm for healthy and conscious living, and Bliss Cafe is born out of this very passion.

Shantimaya Sami Jammoul is a yoga meditation teacher and practitioner, a homeopath, an oriental dancer and a raw vegan chef. He has been traveling many countries teaching yoga and meditation, treating hundreds of patients with homeopathy, spreading meat-free diet through seminars and veg cooking course. He is also the author of one wonderful vegetarian cooking book ”Kitchen of Love” and now he is on his way to finish writing his new book ”Kitchen of Life” with raw vegan recipes. He is also a homeopathy teacher in affiliation with CPH the College of Practical Homeopathy

Mikael Söderström

Mikael Söderström

Mikael Söderström (also known as Madhav) is a yoga and meditation teacher with great passion for healthy and conscious living . He is also very talented DJ with big library of house and techno music. He plays often at our Bliss parties and events and gets everyone high on music.

Shantimaya was working in Malta in very similar project and later Mikael joined him and they worked  for two years together before they both moved to Sweden.

On their way to Sweden they dreamed about this new project as they were looking forward to repeat their inspiring and successful experience in Malta, and so Bliss Cafe was born.