Events & Classes

Here you can find information on our upcoming courses and events

Raw Vegan (un)Cooking Course/ May 12 (18.00-20.30)
Welcome to this new course where you will learn and enjoy many raw vegan recipes, preparing together surprisingly delicious dishes that are healthy and yet simple!
A learning opportunity and an inspiration for:
1- discovering a new style in making food that is unique and outstanding.
2- combining spices and herbs in different ways, creating many new flavors. Read more


Afterwork Raw Vegan Dinner/ May 13 (18.00-21.00)
Delicious raw vegan food, desserts, power drinks, exotic teas, music, beautiful company, cozy and warm atmosphere are all what is needed for an afterwork happy, nourishing and energizing dining evening. Read more


Rawfood Yoga Detox Retreat/ Sep 30-Oct2
Welcome to this recharging, cleansing, and strengthening residential retreat where we will share a journey of health, happiness, growth and self-connection while freeing our bodies from loads of toxins that have been building up over time. Through this retreat we will follow a special program that is designed to activate and accelerate the detox process in a gentle and efficient way through fresh juices, smoothies, herbal teas and raw food, opening up the cleansing channels and drainage in the body, using certain methods including fasting, colon flush, mud packs, reflexology, homeopathy and yoga. Every day we will practice yoga and meditation (morning and evening) and will drink freshly juiced vegetables and fruits, nourishing superfood and detox smoothies, herbal teas and every evening there will be a raw (un)cooking course learning how to prepare delicious raw food. Read more