Raw Vegan Cafe

Open Tuesday-Saturday 12.00-18.00

7559_353824444729748_637742312_nThe name may tell it simplest! Bliss Cafe is a blissful space for conscious eating that is healthy, revitalizing and fully satisfying!

Our welcoming and accepting space is a platform for exploring and experiencing how to get high on food and positive vibes!

Bliss Cafe is the product of our longing to share healthy and happy living with others.

We endeavored to set up our place in the most cozy way with natural appearance and happy blending of colors and designs as we believe that surrounding affects mood significantly.

In such a serene and blissful atmosphere we serve raw vegan food that is alive and fresh with wide varities of dishes, smoothies, snacks and desserts. We serve also a wide selection of teas, yerba mate and ecologist coffee.

With smile we look forward to welcoming you!