Raw Vegan (un)Cooking Courses

Now you can enjoy our raw vegan food and learn how to prepare it yourself and share it with your beloved ones

_MG_2079We keep no secret recipes at Bliss Cafe, rather we are happy to share all our exotic recipes with you!
Regularly we hold raw vegan (un)cooking courses where you will learn how to prepare easy, healthy and delicious raw vegan dishes.

During the course and while introducing and preparing the food unique combinations of spices, herbs and flavors will be shared. Using these combinations will make cooking more fun for you and give you an inspiration to create your own many recipes. The courses will also give you also advises on diet, raw nutrition and detox.

All the prepared dishes will be served and enjoyed over the session! So come with an empty stomach and bring your best appetite!

These courses are guided by Shantimaya who is also the author of one wonderful vegetarian cooking book  Kitchen of Love  and the author of the Fully Rawsome raw vegan book. During these course Shantimaya will be teaching many of his unique and special recipes.

Fees: Kr 650

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