Yoga & Meditation

Welcome to our cozy yoga & meditation room where we hold different yoga and meditation courses and drop in classes!

We are neither a mere body, nor a mere body and mind, but a body, mind and soul. Therefore an integrated approach for developing body, mind and soul is required to ensure our healthy growth and well-being.

In our yoga classes the focus in addition to stretching and relaxing the muscles and joints is on massaging the inner organs and glands through different postures in connection with breathing.

Glands secrete  hormones and these hormones have major impact on different physical and mental functions. By regular practice of the yoga exercises ( also called Asanas) we exercise gently these glands and help regulating their hormonal secretion, thus controlling the related physical and mental responses.

In meditation we try constantly to focus the mind, detaching it from the external and physical existence, directing it towards the inner self, a realm of serenity and peace, a world of beauty, a world we have been always longing for!

In our cozy and relaxing yoga and meditation room we offer regular yoga and meditation courses and drop in classes.

Our yoga practice is based on Rajadhiraja, the most kingly and comprehensive form of Yoga.

The yoga classes comprise of:

  • Warm ups and stretching exercises
  • Yoga postures (asanas)
  • Guided deep relaxation with┬ávisualization
  • Yoga dances
  • Basic techniques of tantra meditation
  • Basic and advanced philosophy

The Meditation Course comprise of basic and advanced meditation techniques, chanting, tips to improve meditation, collective meditation, healthy tips for ideal life, yogic diet, yogic cleansing, basic and advanced spiritual philosophy and many other topics of mindfulness.

All our classes are taught by experienced teachers and in friendly and peaceful environment.

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