Homeopathy Clinic

Homeopathy is a complimentary system of medicine with integrated and holistic apporach for treating physical and mental diseases in the most natural and effective ways using natural and non-toxic remedies for restoring balance into the immune system so that the immune system itself is strengthened and enabled to deal with the health disturbances.

Homeopathy does not consider the mere absence of diseases to be the state of ”healthy”. Homeopathy as a holistic medicine considers health to be the ability and the inner freedom to explore and expreience one’s infinite potentials. Health is a state of balance when all the inner organs and body’s systems are functioning OPTIMALLY and in an integrated way! It is not enough that our inner organs and body’s systems are functioning, rather they should be enabled to functione optimally and in an integrated way!

To make this happens homeopathy aims at enhancing the vital force and restoring balance to the self-healing force, for diseases are nothing but the loss of balance and manifestaion of low vital force with a malfunctioning self-healing force.

Bliss Cafe as a holistic center has got a special room for homeopathy clinic where Shantimaya, who is a certified homeopath, meets patients and gives consultations. Shantimaya has been practicing homeopathy for the past ten years and he displayes much confidence and skillful knowledge in homeopathy through treating hundreds of patients he has met in different countires he visited and worked in till now.

The homeopathy clinic at Bliss Cafe has got a dedicated website, to read more and to book your appointment with Shantimaya click here

Beside running the clinic Shantimaya also holds courses on homeopathy for those who are interested to learn how to use homeopoathy in self’-healing. He teaches these courses in affiliation with CPH the College of Practical Homeopathy. To read more about these courses click here

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