Things you need to know, to bring and to prepare for the rawfood retreat

Here are few things you would need to bring with you to the retreat:
1- Bed sheets (covering for bed, blanket and pillow/ only covers are required. Blankets and pillows will be provided). If you are traveling from abroad and having difficulty to bring your own bed sheets, these can be available to rent at the retreat for the cost of 50 kr.
2- A towel for bath.
3- Warm socks (in case it gets cold).
4- Outdoor slippers.
5- Big bottle to use for water.
6- Your toiletries bag and private articles (tooth brush, tooth floss, tooth paste, shampoo, ear plugs, etc)
7- Notebook and pen.
8- Swimming wear if you feel inspired to dip in the river and if we use the hot tub (badtunna).

For about ten days before the retreat starts you are advised to avoid or at least minimize your intake of:
1- Alcohol.
2- Sugar and refined carbohydrates.
3- Animal products.

And increase your intake of:
1- Water.
2- Fresh fruits and vegetables.
3- Fibers and dark green leaves.

This will help you maximizing the benefits you will be gaining from the rawfood diet and minimize your experience of any side symptoms of change in diet. It will also prepare your body for maximum fiber intake during the retreat.

It is also good if you start training yourself going to bed around 22.00 and getting up around 6.00, in case you are used to stay up late 🙂

The program with all the knowledge and information shared during the retreat are not a replacement for your doctor’s advice or any other medical opinion. If you suffer from any chronic disease or taking any medication you need to consult with your doctor before joining.

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