Yoga Course

Welcome to the yoga course where you will learn and experience yoga in a simple and easy way and yet effective, and where you will learn how to integrate yoga into daily life so you can keep practicing at home afterwards.

Each course consists of four yoga sessions, an hour each, on four consequent weeks.

Each session consists of:
– Yoga asanas (postures) which help you to stretch, release tension from the body and becoming more flexible. They also help in controlling the body’s organs and glands and their hormonal secretions which affect many different physical functions and emotional as well. Any over or under production of hormones can lead to imbalanced emotions. Yoga asanas help to regulate the production of these hormones and balance their related emotions. Read more about asanas
– Yoga dance Kaoshiki which is claimed to cure more than 22 diseases including liver problems, pancreas, female reproductive disorders, gout, arthritis and stiffness. It exercises the spine, the organs the glands and the different chakras. It promotes youthfulness and It is great for curing depression and melancholy, increasing memory, calming, promoting positive thinking and expanding the mind.
– Proper breathing with different tips on how to use breathing for increasing focus, calming the mind, improving digestion, controlling metabolism, etc.
– Relaxation for body and mind.
– Short meditation ending each session.

Guided by Shantimaya; a yoga and meditation teacher of Rajadhiraja yoga.

Designed for both beginners and advanced.

Cost: 750 kr (for the whole course consisting of 4 sessions)

The course is limited to a small number of participants  (only 4) and your experience of the course will be personalized.

Booking in advance is required. Check the events page to see the dates for the next course.

Warm welcome!



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